The Cocos Keeling Islands has a multi racial population, with the majority being Cocos Malays, who are Muslim and who celebrate a range of festivities throughout the year.


This is the month of fasting for Muslims, and at the end of Ramadan a week-long period of festivities takes place.

Ramadan ends on 7 July 2016 and guests should take the opportunity to visit Home Island over this period.

Hari Raya Haji

Celebrates the end of the Hajj for Muslims, and will occur on 13 September 2016.

Islamic New Year

Islamic New Year celebrates the beginning of a new year for Muslims, and will occur on 3 October 2016.

Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday

The Cocos Malay population celebrates Prophet Muhammad’s birthday with a march through the Cocos Malay Kampong on Home Island, which is followed by Quran reading and religious singing. This is followed by a magnificent Cocos Malay dinner, to which all are invited.

In 2016, it will be on 12 December, and is an event that should not be missed.

Act of Self Determination Day

The Act of Self Determination celebrates the decision by the Cocos Malay community to become part of Australia and is held on 6 April of each year. All are welcome to take part in this event.


Cocos MalayEnglish
Selamat datangWelcome
Jumpa lagiGoodbye
Selamat tinggal / jalanSee you later
Selamat pagiGood morning
Selamat soreGood afternoon
Selamat malamGood evening
Selamat tidurGood night
Terima kasiThank you
Apa kabarHow are you
MakanTo eat
MinumTo drink
KeluahTo leave
Kapal TurbanPlane
Hari SeninMonday
Hari SelasaTuesday
Hari RabuWednesday
Hari KemisThursday
Hari JumatFriday
Hari SabtuSaturday
Hari MingguSunday